About Us

All Bethel Colony South programs are directed and staffed entirely by volunteer lay ministers through our Ministerial Leadership Program. The Ministerial Leadership Program is a long-term Christian volunteer service program which comprises an intentional community of urban missionaries who passionately identify with Bethel Colony’s mission, vision and values, and who are willing to invest in, and commit to, Bethel Colony’s long-term viability.

A Ministerial Leader is a man or woman (1) who has successfully graduated from one of Bethel Colony’s first stage recovery programs; (2) who believes that he or she has been “called” by God to full-time Christian service; (3) who is willing to support the ministry in a volunteer capacity for a minimum of six months; and (4) who is willing to learn and live out the biblical paradigm of “servant-leadership,” as it is modeled by the life and teachings of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

All the men and women on our Ministerial Leadership Team have successfully overcome chemical dependency through the power of the Gospel of Jesus. They have committed to living a drug-free lifestyle based upon biblical principles of morality and behavior. And, on a full-time basis, they share their faith, strength, wisdom and experience with others who are facing similar challenges. In effect, the Ministerial Leadership Team is an extended “spiritual family” of brothers and sisters in Christ who are personally committed to carrying forward the work of the ministry, through the sweat of their brow and the testimony of their transformed lives.

Our Ministerial Leadership Program provides graduates from our first stage recovery programs with a genuinely unique opportunity for continued personal spiritual growth and development, not to mention unparalleled practical experience in urban missionary work, particularly with respect to assisting people who struggle with alcoholism and drug addiction.