About Us

The Transitional Living Program is a 6-month-long, second stage program for graduates (both male and female) of Bethel Colony’s first stage recovery programs (i.e., Men's Transformation Ministry and Women at the Well). The Transitional Living Program provides Bethel Colony alumni with ongoing Christian discipleship and peer support in a stable, “recovery-friendly” living environment. Building on the foundation already established in the first stage recovery programs, the Transitional Living Program allows men and women recovering from alcohol- and drug-addiction an extended opportunity for spiritual renewal, growth and development.

For the initial three months of the Transitional Living Program, the student’s primary focus is on continued spiritual growth and development – especially as it relates to the maintenance of a Christ-centered (drug- and alcohol-free) lifestyle. This is facilitated though regular church attendance, individual prayer and Bible study, in-house Bible classes, outside recovery support groups, one-on-one counseling, discipleship (mentoring), and ministerial service. During the latter three months of the program, while maintaining a spiritual focus, the student begins taking concrete steps to prepare for successful re-integration into the community at-large (i.e., securing housing and employment).

Although the Transitional Living Program is designed to be a program of limited duration (approximately 12 months), students who feel that they need additional time to consolidate their sobriety/recovery may request permission to extend their stay for an indefinite period of time.