“Finding Strength in Community”

Bethel Colony South Women at the Well is a residential Christian recovery program for adult women (18+). We assist women with life-controlling problems, such as drug addiction and alcoholism, by helping them address some of their most pressing needs -- spiritual, physical, emotional, financial and legal. Our program facilitates breaking destructive patterns and habits; setting goals; making right choices; restoring broken relationships; and living disciplined lives. The overall goal of the program is to empower women to lead wholesome, healthy, Christ-centered lifestyles.

At Women at the Well, we teach that there can be genuine deliverance and healing through the power of prayer and the truths of the Bible. This is accomplished through a combination of worship services, classroom teaching, individual counseling, reading and written assignments, audio tapes, video tapes, work therapy and volunteer community projects. Further, a disciplined schedule, healthful climate, nutritious food, and relaxing recreation soon restore a measure of physical health and a more positive mental outlook. Ultimately, Women at the Well provides a vital context in which broken and hurting women can come to know Christ personally, and to understand the practical outworking of the Word of God in meeting every need.