“Restoring Families through the Power of Christ’s Gospel”

Bethel Family House is a faith-based, family-oriented therapeutic program committed to healing families that have been ravaged by the disease of chemical dependency. We provide a Christ-centered substance abuse treatment program for pregnant women, and mothers with young children (10 years old and under), in a drug- and alcohol-free, residential setting. Our goal is to facilitate spiritual growth, personal empowerment, self-discipline, economic integrity, family reunification, loyal citizenship, and active volunteerism.

Our flexible, variable-length-of-stay program combines classroom lectures, small group discussions, reading and written assignments, work therapy projects, and a variety of other therapeutic activities. While mothers are occupied with program activities, their children are cared for on-site in a nurturing, “child-friendly” environment. We are especially sensitive to the special needs of women who have experienced past traumas. We are dedicated to restoring our residents to the abundance of life that God has purposed for them.